How to make Year of Dates Gift on your own?

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In this every fasting life where we manage our homes, kids and even work, we tend to lose some of the precious times with our spouses and loved ones.

In our busy days and busy schedules, a simple coffee or watching sunset together is worth making time for, when the schedule still says, there’s no time.

With our lives getting more and more dependent on Digital, where our schedules are also digitally saved in calendars, do we really remember to schedule a date with our loved ones?

So to reaffirm the love for each other and, this Pre planned Dates book is a great gift for your loved ones. Not just with your spouses, I made this for my daughter too, where she gets to plan her dates with her mommy and daddy as per her choice. I will share this one in my next blog.

Today, I will share with you our Valentine special Pre Planned Dates Book which is easy to make. I made two versions, one simple enough for you to make too. Ask me for the free printable and I will be happy to share with you to make one on your own.

Let me start with briefing you on how I put this pretty book together as a Gift to a lovely couple, your better half or your kiddo. You can add more as per your creativity and as per the choice of the one you are gifting to.

I first started with printing my mini book pages. I first decided to print on the A4 white card stock, but I did not wanted to keep the back of my pages blank. The other way was to cut the patterned papers and stick at the back of every page. But to save time, I decided to print my pages on the back of the patterned paper itself.

The above page is the cover page of my mini book. It is the 12 months pre planned dates book. I choose red colour for I am making it as a valentine gift.

The next page I added was just to reaffirm the love we share. However, you can add an intro page, from and for page if you want to gift it to a couple for their wedding anniversary.

Next comes the instruction page to give some ideas on how to fill this book together. They are ofcourse just to give some inspiration. You can add or edit as per your choice.

Then comes the 12 months pages as below. I used small love illustrations to match the overall theme of the book. I used red border to give the book an edge that looks elegant. You can use other borders as per your choice. I used some in the other version that I will share below.

As I said at the start, I printed this on the back of my patterned paper. So, my pages look like this from the back. I opted for red patterned paper again to match the overall theme and cut the paper into A4 size to fit in my printer. I then cut the pages using my score board and cutter.

Finally, I punched hole in all the pages and used a binder ring to bind the pages together. Lastly, I added a ribbon to finish the look and it was all set to gift it to my husband.

Here is another version I spoke about. The idea was same, however, I spent more time creating this one. This is when I thought of creating a simpler version as above.

I started with printing on white A4 size card stock. And since the back of every page was blank, I cut different scrapbook papers from my collection and pasted on every page. Although it was time consuming, but I was not happy with the blank look. Even if we add pictures to these pages later, I still wanted them to look good without pictures.

I used washi tapes and printed “love” and cut the shape to match with the overall theme.

The inner pages look as below.

Intro Page: 12 months Pre planned dates with my Valentine

Gift page: For….. and From……………………

Inspiration page and Idea page

12 months pages

Some more pages that you can add include a wild card page. I added this one for my daughter’s dates book. It’s a wild card that can be redeemed at any time of the year. I also used different borders in this book, which took me a lot of time to arrange in the margins I was using.

Please remember that it is not the money that matters when you gift someone. It is the thought that matters and a gift that is hand-made and on top of that a gift that brings a couple even more closer is priceless.

You can create this on your own or order one from Scrapbookist to gift a beloved couple, a friend, even your mother, kids or to your spouse. Just let us know the occasion and any color preference or any other customization and we will be happy to create for you.

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