Quiet Books for Babies

  • For 0-2 years Age

    For 0-2 years Age

    Quiet books are fabric books also known as felt books or busy books that are designed to keep the babies busy and quiet and entertain them at the same time. For 0-2 years of age, the sensory books can work…

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  • For 2-4 years Age

    For 2-4 years Age

    Fabric books also known as Busy Books for toddlers are a great hit during travel. They also also known as Travel book for toddlers. We at Scrapbookist, makes no sew quiet books for 2-4 years age and the longevity of…

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  • For 4-6 years Age

    For 4-6 years Age

    Handmade Quiet books are here for Sale at Scrapbookist. In 4-6 years age, we ensure to add activities proportionate to this age. Activities like world map, continents, week days, months, time, etc. More practical life skills like buttoning, zipping, braiding,…

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